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Do You Still Need a Business Website in 2021?

Times are changing. And as more and more businesses rely on Shopify, Facebook, and other online platforms, it begs the question…

Do you really still need a website for your business?

It’s a valid question and one that’s more complex than it might seem at face value. In fact, you can see lots of businesses going the social media route without investing time in building a website - they’re able to interact with clients, all their relevant information is present and it’s true that more and more people are using these portals to search for companies.

However, it’s a mistake… and these are the reasons why:

Think of Your Business’s Website as a Hub

If you imagine all the different online presences your business has, then your website should be at the center of it all.

Essentially, your social media and other platform accounts should be designed to direct visitors back to your website - it’s where you have the space and freedom to showcase in full exactly what your business does.

With this hub, you’re able to build an interconnected network that unites everything you do online, whether it’s selling goods, promoting your services, or whatever else.

And more importantly…

You Have Complete Control

There’s plenty of controversy about how social media platforms operate and the algorithms they use. In recent times, even Facebook has come under fire for deciding which posts users view, which means your business’s content could be going unseen.

The simple truth is this - your website is the only place where you have absolute control over what gets posted and what gets seen by your visitors…

You choose what images to present, you write the text content, and heck, you even select the background color. In short, you’re able to construct the purest version of how you want your business to be seen online, without being filtered through a platform’s lens.

And for exactly that reason, it’s vital that you have a business website. No matter what policy changes happen on a platform, you’ll always be in control of how your website looks, functions, and is used.

But there’s also a hidden feature of business websites that is truly a game changer…

The Power of Email Marketing

One of the major advantages to your company’s website is the power of email marketing. Using newsletters and email campaigns is a proven winner, and is only possible when you’re able to collect email addresses directly.

With those email addresses, you’re able to maintain a database of both current and potential future customers interested in your brand. So when you launch a new product, add a new service, or just want to send an announcement, email is a much more effective method of reaching your audience.

So if you’ve been on the fence about whether to create a business website, the resounding answer should be YES - creating an online hub, keeping control, and the power of email marketing are just a few of the reasons why. - Secure Payments